Rejuvenate your body, recharge your energy levels and find healing and balance in your life with the support of Intuitive Healing Massage – a unique hands on healing treatment that combines deep, flowing, remedial style full body massage with transformative Reiki energy healing.

I’m a certified holistic massage therapist and Reiki practitioner, and I firmly believe in the subtle yet powerful force of energy healing combined with hands on bodywork to treat imbalances in the body, mind and spirit. I offer Intuitive Healing Massage at my home clinic in Ocean Shores and as mobile home visits (within a 30 min drive of Ocean Shores).

What is Intuitive Healing Massage?

Intuitive Healing Massage is a supportive, gentle and complimentary modality delivered through a deep, flowing, remedial style full body massage and combined with Reiki energy healing (a method to re-balance and support the natural flow of universal energy throughout the body in order for health and self development to flourish).

Intuitive Healing Massage is effective to relieve immediate physical tension and blockages but is also supportive for addressing life changes and mental emotional stagnation. Treatments are always tailored to your needs and can range from a deep tissue massage with focus on releasing physical tension, to a relaxing massage merged with energy healing – and everything in between.

What happens during the treatment?

We start the session with a chat about your reasons and intentions for seeking Intuitive Healing Massage, covering the physical injuries (past or present) that you would like addressed as well as any mental or spiritual blockages you may like support with.

After the chat I will prepare the massage table and then leave you a for moment to get ready for the treatment, during which you lay down on the massage table in your underwear covered by soft towels.

The healing treatment itself includes a deep, flowing, remedial style full body massage to address any tension and physical blockages in your body; combined with Reiki energy healing to move and rebalance the flow of Ki in your energy system. We can also discuss any thoughts and feelings that may surface during the session, and as certified life coach I offer intuitive coaching and advice.

I may also offer sound healing using my tibetan singing bowl or the use of sage and incense to clear the space and your chakras, should you be interested to include these please let me know.

Cost and packages:

I offer Intuitive Healing Massage at my home clinic in Ocean Shores and as mobile home visits (within a 30 min drive of Ocean Shores):

  • 1 hour Intuitive Healing Massage: $130
  • 1.5 hour Intuitive Healing Massage: $160

Packages and gift cards are also available – get in touch to discuss your needs.

Please fill out the form below or call/text 0428 178 531 to book or find out more.

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